Made To Measure Mounts (IMPORTANT- The sizing range is height and width of outer added together then multiplied by 2 for the perimeter)


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You can choose you own custom size mount to suit your item.

Please note you are ordering a mount NOT a frame

You can choose you own custom size mount to suit any frame and any item. Mounts add real class to any frame.

The mounts are cut using 1400 micron thick card available in 5 colours, Black, White, Cream, Blue and Grey.

We use a computer aided mount cutting machine for precise and sharp corners. As a rule mounts have a 50mm border all round your artwork but if you have a frame to fit your artwork in we can cut a mount to fit, please bear in kind that the minimum border size recommended is 20mm on all sides.

To work out the size you need to order please add the width + the length of the mount required (not the artwork) then Multiple this by two for the full perimeter size, then choose the the correct size in the drop down.

Then write the size in personalisation, eg 45x35cm outer 35×25 inner – BOTH OUTER AND INNER MEASUREMENTS REQUIRED FOR ORDER, use personalisation box

when measuring the inner aperture ensure you come in an extra 1cm so your print doesn’t fall through eg a 40x30cm photo would require a 39x29cm aperture

Please message if unsure about the calculation

You can add a frame to your mount order by visiting here

Listed with

Perimeter Size

Upto 100cm, 101-120cm, 121-140cm, 141-160cm, 161-185cm, 186-210cm, 211-240cm, 241-270cm, 271-300cm, 301-330cm, 331-400cm

Mount colour

Black, White, Cream, Grey, Blue


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